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Arc Controls Machines and Equipment

Major Shop Capabilities

Machining & Lathes;                       each up to 34” swing, 156” length, 48” in gap

Processing:   Vertical Boring Mills; 3 each including; Summit 87” swing, w/ Accurite DRO                                                      Bullard 58” swing, 62” swing above side ram w/ Accurite DRO

                     Horizontal Boring;   Lucas 3” with 50” vertical x 63” cross travel, 96”

                     Mill                          face to tail stock, equipped with Accurite Milvision DRO (Digital readout                                                      with X, Y, & Z axis)

                    Drilling;                    American Hole Wizard, Radial Arm Drill, 5’ high x 5’ arm x 3 1/2”dia.                                                      hole with #5 MT spindle, Extra Heavy Duty Machine

                    Milling Machines;      Cincinnati Horizontal and Bridgeport style machines w/ DRO

                    Sawing;                     Includes Hyd-Mech & Metal Mizer with 18”x20” cutting capacity,

                                                     vertical column swivels 45° for miters, air/hydraulic feed                        

                    CNC Plasma;             6’ x 10’ table, 2” thick Stainless Steel & alloys, 13” thick carbon steel                                                     & Oxy/Fuel Burning

Welding:        Sub Arc (SAW);        6 units to 1500 Amp plus side beam carriage and 2 sub arc tractors                      Flux Core (FCAW)/

                    Mig (GMAW);            8 units to 650 Amp, two with pulse

                     Stick (SMAW)/;        12 units to 1000 Amp, 3 with pulse and ramp, 5 with high frequency                       Tig (GTAW)

                    Orbital Welders;      1 Arc Machines, Tube to Tubesheet , 2 Astro Arc, Tube and Pipe

                    Manipulators;           2 units to 72” x 84”

                    Positioners & Power;7 units to 30,000 lbs.

                    Turning Heads

                    Tank Turning Rolls; 3 sets 60,000 lbs , 2 sets 30,000 lbs

                                                    Also, cold wire Tig (GTAW) semi auto, Automatic carbon arc gouging

Heat Treating: Ovens;                   Three units to 7’ x 14’, electric and gas fired to 2200 Deg. F,

                                                     one 8 Million BTU North American Burner/Blower System

Material                                        Bridge Crane; 37,500 lbs. DeShazo

Handling:                                      12,500 lbs., Robins & Myers

                       Fork Trucks;          Hyundai, 15,000 lbs. Mitsubshi 11,000 lbs.and Toyota, 8,500 lbs.

               Yard Crane;             Grove 60 Ton and Lorain 27.5 ton hydraulic (cherry picker)

****List does not include portable and field equipment.****

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